Compost Fabrics

The ultimate combination of strength and air permeability

Phormium offers 3 different Compost nets. What type of net to choose, depends on which phase in composting it will be used for.

The highly robust CompostMat provides a substantial energy saving during Phase III composting thanks to its exceptional air permeability. Because of the unique weaving structure the mat only has a limited narrowing effect. The woven self-edges ensure a good durability.

CompostMat Forza is similar to the regular CompostMat but reinforced with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWP). That is why it is suitable for Phase II and Phase III composting.

CompostMat Ultima is even more reinforced with UHMWP and suitable for Phase I composting.

All Compost Nets are preferably used together with GlidingNet in order to reduce the friction whilst pulling the compost in and out the tunnel.