Duravigne, The Arlot Estate

Duravigne, successful alternative for weed control in the vineyard

Phormium offers a 100% biobased woven groundcover, called Duravigne; made from corn starch, allowing air and water to pass through and resistant to traction and UV.

In 2019, Romain Pascault, the crop manager from The Arlot Estate, in Côte-d'Or decided to test Duravigne in his vineyard. The purpose of this test is to keep the premises weed-free without herbicides and with a minimum of labour.
He mulched two rows of 40 meters, tied the fabric around the vines and stapled the cover in the ground.

After the first full year of use, he confirms that Duravigne is performing in a very efficient way: easy to install, effective weed suppression, 10 years guarantee and, depending on the local circumstances, a much longer expected lifetime.
Furthermore, because of its brown colour, it is very discrete and blends into its environment perfectly.

This season, Phormium confirms a serious increase in the number of commercial tests of Duravigne in all major wine regions of France. We will keep you posted!


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