Control light pollution with PhormiTex Noctis

Control light pollution with PhormiTex Noctis

Days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer, which means more artificial lighting is needed in the greenhouses. During this period of the year reducing the emission of light is very important for the residents, but also to meet the strict requirements for illuminated cultivations.

To limit emission of the supplemental lighting in this dark period, the use of a light assimilation screen is advised.

Phormium, the Belgian manufacturer of screens and ground covers, recommends using PhormiTex Noctis and Noctis V.

Arjan van der Veer, sales manager at Phormium explains: “PhormiTex Noctis is an assimilation screen, which is not only limiting the emission of the light, but also dissipates heat and moisture very well ensuring an even and optimal greenhouse climate.”


The flexible, light tight PhormiTex Noctis V is designed to be used for the walls as a gable screen. Both screens are ideal to keep the nuisance of the light to a minimum. Phormium’s unique woven technology minimalizes the chance of twisting tapes, therefore the screens seal the light better.

Both screens are fire retardant and meet the NTA 8825 standards.




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