Energy screens: work smarter; not harder

It has been announced earlier. Phormium has developed a completely new type of energy screen and is now officially launching it: PhormiTex Noctis Thermo.

Now that saving energy is needed more than ever, many growers are considering installing a second energy screen. This will undoubtedly reduce the energy bill, but a lot of potential remains untapped, Phormium noted. There are several good reasons not to opt for a classic transparent energy screen, but for an aluminized type as the second screen.

Aluminized night screens are not new. Numerous studies and tests have proven the concept including the GLITCH project at the University of Ghent. But never have night screens been available in the unseen price-quality ratio of PhormiTex Noctis Thermo. Phormium makes this possible thanks to its unique MEP™ technology1 that offers numerous advantages.

The MEP™ technology1 allows aluminum microparticles to be encapsulated in the screen in a sustainable and efficient way. The particles make the screen heat-reflective, light blocking and fire retardant. This creates a superior energy screen that can also be used as a light restriction screen.

A second energy screen provides extra savings of about 15%. By choosing PhormiTex Noctis Thermo you add 7% on top of that!


Besides, PhormiTex Noctis Thermo can be combined particularly well with LED lighting. The heat-reflecting aluminum keeps the crop warmer. A warmer crop also means a reduced risk of fungal diseases such as Botrytis.

Want to know more? Download the whitepaper here.

Also read the article in the trade magazine HortiDaily - 8th December 2022: