PhormiCool, the coolest ground cover

Growers understand that at high solar radiation, traditional black ground covers tend to become overheated. This has a negative influence on the plant development. That’s why Phormium, Belgian producer of professional ground-and screen covers, developed PhormiCool 200 GK. This is a grey ground cover enriched with yarns containing infrared (IR) reflectors.


The IR reflectors in PhormiCool 200GK aim to reflect the electromagnetic radiation which is responsible for the heating of the fabric. PhormiCool 200 GK does not absorb the energy of the radiation, therefore preventing the ground cover from getting too hot. As a result, even on the hottest summer days, it remains significantly cooler than the traditional black ground covers.

Thanks to the combination of the enhanced weaving structure and the high mechanical resistance, the ground cover has an excellent water permeability, making it perfectly suitable for use on lavafloors for interior and exterior cultivation.

Like all other Phormium ground covers, PhormiCool 200 GK guarantees a sustainable usage, also on floors with high work traffic. PhormiCool 200 GK is available in different widths and can be tailor made to your factory floor.



For more info and samples, please contact your local contractor, installer or dealer.