Phormium launches 4 innovations at GreenTech

By leveraging its weaving technology Phormium has designed 2 new, unmatched products to meet emerging market demands. Weaving is a wonderful manufacturing process for greenhouse screens that offers great advantages. It allows to combine demanding lists of materials into well balanced screen solutions. Furthermore, it enables to provide the screen with the specific properties for the targeted application.

The newly designed Hybrid range is a striking example of the capabilities of the high-tech weaving technique. The PhormiTex Hybrid range contains shading screens that offer extra energy saving, heat shielding and light diffusion at the same time. For this, it combines no less than 4 materials: aluminum – titanium dioxide – clear polyethylene tapes and humidity transporting yarns.

Aluminum is known since decades for its superior energy saving properties. Also, during the day aluminium proves to be useful by better shielding the crop from heat radiation than other materials.

Titanium dioxide excels in light scattering. In that way, incoming solar light is spread evenly over the crop.

The highly transparent polyethylene tapes are put in place to match the desired PAR-light sum.

Finally, an ingenious network of water transporting yarns is incorporated to bring the excess humidity from the bottom to the top of the screen.

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The second screen, PhormiTex Lumina 13 O was engineered for use during the hottest period of the summer. This application requires 2 key features: a balanced shading degree to shield enough heat but not too much of the precious PAR light, in combination with an unmatched ventilation capacity.

The woven structure allows to vary the ratio of open and closed areas within wide limits. This facilitates to couple an as open as possible screen to the perfect shading degree.

On top of that, the used materials have good light scattering properties, which allows the sunlight to spread smoothly.

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Working with the PhormiTex Hybrid range or Lumina 13 O also means encouraging sustainability, as these screens, like the other woven screens from Phormium, offer an 8-year warranty.


8-year warranty

For more than 30 years Phormium has been providing the horticulture sector with woven greenhouse screens. Typical to woven screens is that they contain yarns in both directions which makes them very robust. That technology in combination with real-life experience of the past decades in all types of climates empowers Phormium to officially extend its warranty on all woven screens to 8 years. Of course, the real lifespan of the screens is even considerably higher.


Screen advisor app

To support growers worldwide even further, Phormium developed its Screen Advisor App. Based on 2 parameters, climate and crop, the app is able to recommend the most suited screens for the job. The app is available for Android and iOS in English and Dutch.

In the coming months Phormium will continue to elaborate the app even further by adding more languages and crops.

The app can be downloaded by scanning the QR codes.

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