Press Release – Phormium revamped

Did you ever wonder where our brand names PH 55, PhormiFlex and PhormiTex came from?

They originate from Phormium; a technical textile brand since 1925. The first Phormium screens where produced in 1977. The overall brand disappeared in 2010, but its strong product brands, like PhormiTex, continued to grow.

Today, Phormium is revamped.

Phormium sets of with a good start by completing its diffuse range. Whether you want a flame retardant screen or not, a high or low shading degree, all is available under 2 names: PhormiTex Lumina for the flame retardant screens and Clima+ for the non flame retardant version.

Characterized by Phormium’s classic traits: woven, durable, highly insulating for the closed version and superior ventilation capacity for the open screens.