The success of PhormiCool

Six months after the introduction of PhormiCool 200GK the growers are very enthusiastic. It was launched in November 2019 and in the meantime the weaving looms at Phormium - the Belgian manufacturer of ground covers and screens -  are running at full speed to keep up with the demands.

“Since the launch, a large number of projects on lavafloors have been installed with the robust PhormiCool 200GK, both in and outside. The grey ground cover remains significantly cooler when exposed to high solar radiation. When it gets warmer this summer, the temperature differences between the grey and the classic black ground cover will increase.” -says Arjan van der Veer, Sales Manager at Phormium.

The secret lies in the yarns, that Phormium also produces entirely itself at the factory in Lokeren. During extrusion, unique infrared reflectors are added to ensure that the fabric heats up significantly less. The combination of the adapted weaving structure and the high mechanical resistance also ensure excellent water permeability, making the cover perfectly suitable to use on lava floors for in and outdoor cultivation.

At this moment, PhormiCool is only available in 200 grams, however, due to its success, Phormium is thinking to expand the range.


Just like with all the other ground covers, Phormium guarantees years of sustainability for the PhormiCool 200 GK, even on floors with intensive work traffic. The ground cover is available in various width sizes, and on request can be also tailor made.

For more information and samples, please contact your local contractor, installer or dealer.