Duracover - Landscape around the Pierre Soulages Museum

The Pierre Soulages Museum, initiated by the urban community of Grand Rodez, opened its doors on 31 may 2014. Built to exhibit the works of the famous painter, it will also be used to hold numerous temporary exhibitions to showcase other contemporary artists. Located near the cathedral, in, the middle of a landscape park, the museum consists of a succession of glass and steel cubes. It is integrated in the heart of the old site on the Foiral public garden, which offers visitors a children’s playground and a pedestrian walkway designed by architect Emmanuel Nebout.












Perfect interaction of rhythm & light

The openings onto the garden invite us to discover and contemplate its beauty. Visitors can surrender to the rhythm and light created by the combination of stone, organic matter and fabric, all perfectly blending with the rust-colored Corten steel of the buildings.


The landscaping work was carried out during the winter 2013/2014. It features Duracover, a biodegradable woven ground cover fabric of vegetable origin, made of 100% PLA (corn starch). It is water permeable and ensures effective weed control. It has u useful life of more than 5 years.


Moreover, with its lightness (130g/m²), tensile strength and widths ranging from 1 to 5m, Duracover is very easy to use, and particular in hard-to-reach areas, e.g. on slopes. It is applied in the same way as    traditional woven ground cover fabric. In addition to limited shrinkage, this ground cover has the advantage that it does not ignite from a burning cigarette, making it ideal for use in public spaces.