PhormiTex 44 - Weber Stekcultures

"PhormiTex 44,  a durable screen that  creates an optimal growing climate!"


A light and durable screen; this was what Koert Jan Weber from the company Weber Stek Cultures was looking for. Together with his screen installer, he soon came up with the PhormiTex 44 screen from the Belgian screen producer Phormium.

When Koert Jan Weber, together with his son Raymond, needed to install a new screen, the choice was quickly made. The screen has been hanging in the greenhouse of almost 7000m2 for one year and a half. “It creates a growing climate with lots of light and the right shade and is also very strong,” says Koert Jan during his conversation with Peter Ollevier, Sales & Marketing Director of Phormium. The entrepreneur is also enthusiastic about the energy savings that PhormiTex 44 provides in colder periods.


PhormiTex 44 is a unique woven, closed and fire retardant shading screen with a high insulating effect. The fabric with 1 aluminum tape and 2 transparent tapes has a shade degree of 44% and an energy saving of 50%.

Weber Stekcultures is a trusted enterprise, specialized since 1996 in the strike-out cuttings of tree-nursery products. The company, located in Erica (GE), supplies itself with strike-out cutting plants of the highest quality.



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