PhormiTex 55, Super & Lumina 60 O - Hordijk Plants

'Phormium screens for optimal light distribution'

Hordijk Plants is a pot plant nursery specialized in the cultivation of hanging plants. The nursery has a surface of ​​36,000 m2. The company is fully equipped for growing Aeschynanthus (lipstick plant).

Jurian Hordijk, owner, takes Arjan van der Veer, Sales Manager at Phormium, on a tour of the greenhouse. In between the hanging plants we see the double screen installation with Phormium screens. The installation is always done by Peter Dekker Installations from Naaldwijk (NL). The garden is equipped with PhormiTex 55 as upper screen and PhormiTex Super as bottom screen. In the cutting department, Jurian uses the diffuse open summer fabric PhormiTex Lumina 60 O for an even light distribution in combination with superior ventilation.


“Phormium screens have been used here for years, they are of high quality and durability. In the winter they protect against the cold, but apart from that, the light distribution of PhormiTex Super gives great satisfaction. It is great in combination with a shade screen”, says Jurian.


PhormiTex 55 is a uniquely woven, closed and fire-retardant shade screen with a high insulating effect. The fabric, with 1 aluminum strip and 1 clear strip alternately, provides a shading degree of 55% and an energy saving capacity of 51%.

PhormiTex Super is a diffuse, closed and fire-retardant energy screen. Due to the unique weaving technology, the screens are durable, strong and ensure a very good energy saving capacity of 47% over their total lifespan. The diffuse bands ensure optimal distribution of the light.

PhormiTex Lumina 60 O is a diffuse open and fire-retardant shade screen. The woven screen consists of white straps. The woven open screens of Phormium are, with the same shading degree, up to 38% more open than knitted alternatives. This creates a considerably cooler climate with the same shading degree.


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