PhormiTex 66 & PhormiTex Bright - JK Plant

"After 6 years, the screens still look great!"

The brothers Kuijvenhoven, Jelle and Joram, have been growing unique and trendy garden houseplants for 10 years. In over 4.5 ha of glasshouses in Honselersdijk (The Netherlands), the cultivation of Araucaria, Dahlia, Fatsia, Monstera, Spathiphyllum and Petunia are managed.Six years ago, when a large part of the greenhouse had to be renovated, a new screen was needed. A conscious decision was made for a double screen installation with PhormiTex 66 and PhormiTex Bright, from Phormium. They give an optimal shade level for the plants and at the same time achieve high energy savings.


“After 6 years, the screens still look great; we use them a lot! At night, both screens are closed so the energy saving is even higher. PhormiTex 66 ensures an optimal shade for the plants while saving energy, and PhormiTex Bright is a nice and clear energy screen.”, says Jelle.

Both screens are made with the unique woven technics and are also fire retardant rated. PhormiTex 66 is a closed shading fabric with a high insulating capacity. Two aluminium tapes alternating with a clear tape in the length direction, combined with a special extra transparent tape in the cross direction, make the screen to shade 66 % of light and save 60% of energy.

PhormiTex Bright is a transparent, closed energy screen, which can save up to 47% energy during its entire lifespan. Thanks to the weaving structure, Phormium screens are very durable and strong.



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