PhormiTex 66 & PhormiTex Super - Best Bromelia


'Loyal to PhormiTex for years’'


At Best Bromelia in Pijnacker (NL), the van der Lans brothers have been growing the most beautiful plants for years. Together, they have over 4 hectares of Bromelia plants in their greenhouse.

For years, they have been using Phormium screens installed by SchermNed from Naaldwijk for their cultivation.


The combination of PhormiTex 66 above and PhormiTex Super provides an optimal balance in the greenhouse climate.


PhormiTex 66 is a closed shading screen with a high insulating capacity. Two aluminium tapes alternating with a clear tape in the length direction, combined with an extra transparent tape in the cross direction, make the screen to shade 66 % of light and save 60% of energy.

PhormiTex Super on the other hand is a diffuse closed energy screen. It is also fire retardant and, due to the unique weaving technology, it is very durable and strong, saving up 47% of energy. A diffuse screen brings more even horizontal light distribution into the greenhouse, which plays an essential role for photosynthesis enhancement and production improvement.



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