PhormiTex 66 & PhormiTex Super - The Nursery of Molenhoek

The Nursery of Molenhoek – More light with PhormiTex screens


Marcel Arts and Otto Basten have been growing Phalaenopsis at the Nursery of Molenhoek since 2008. It is a beautiful modern company of 3 hectares, with 3 cultivation departments. After 13 years, the old Phormium screens were replaced by new Phormium fire-retardant PhormiTex screens. The fresh look is immediately visible.

Arjan van der Veer, sales manager at Phormium, was walking around in the nursery with Arthur de Bruin from SchermNed BV. The best climate solution for this greenhouse is using a diffuse energy screen at the bottom (PhormiTex Super) and an aluminium shade screen at the top (PhormiTex 66). The double screen is ideal for infinite variable control of the light in the greenhouse. They are also very durable: thanks to the high energy savings and the unique weaving technique, both woven screens have a superior lifespan compared to traditional knitted screens,” says Arjan.

“We get so much more light in the greenhouse thanks to the diffuse screen, and the climate can be controlled very well with the aluminium shading screen” – said Otto, while he was working between the plants.


PhormiTex 66 is a uniquely woven, closed, and fire-retardant shading screen with a high insulating effect. The screen is woven with 2 aluminium tape alternating with one transparent tape, guarantying a shading degree of 66% and an outstanding energy saving of 60%.

PhormiTex Super is a diffuse, closed, and fire-retardant energy screen. Due to the unique weaving technology, the screens are durable and strong and provide a very good energy saving of 47% during their total lifespan. The diffuse tapes ensure optimal distribution of the light.


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