PhormiTex 77 & PhormiTex Super - Hedera Plant

Double screen system is a success at Hedera Plant

In 2019, Hedera Plant had a new wide span greenhouse built by Bosman Van Zaal, from Aalsmeer. Peter Dekker Installations from Naaldwijk provided the screens in the new greenhouse by means of a 'tent shape' with a pull-push system. In the autumn of 2019, the plants were placed in their new home. This project brought the total acreage of the Vireo Group, of which Hedera Plant is also a part, to 33 hectares.

Before the construction started, Arjan van der Veer - Sales Manager at Phormium- sat down with the grower Patrick Hogenboom to discuss which Phormium screens were best suited to the cultivation in question, which includes beautiful indoor specimen plants like Dracaenas, Yuccas and other foliage houseplants. They decided to use PhormiTex 77 as the upper screen and PhormiTex Super as the lower screen, so they could control the light continuously by adjusting their positions.

The double screen system in the new greenhouse of Hedera Plant ensures good energy saving, ideal distribution of light and optimal moisture management all year around.

Now a year later, Arjan van der Veer and his colleague Zsuzsanna Tanács, Application Manager, went back to visit Patrick Hogenboom in De Kwakel to find out about his experiences.


“We keep the lower diffuse energy screen closed most of the time (Phormitex Super) and adjust the shading level with the top screen (PhormiTex 77). These screens are ideal for regulating the moisture balance and the light intensity in the greenhouse. We have a visible result by using the double screen system”, says Patrick Hogenboom.


Adjusting the position of the 2 screens helps to regulate the light intensity, and the diffusivity of the PhormiTex Super distributes the light evenly at crop level. The screen lets in as much natural light as possible, but thanks to its diffuse tapes no direct sunlight is hitting the plants, which prevents the crop from getting damaged. PhormiTex Super is a closed, flame-retardant energy screen, which, due to its unique weaving technology, is very strong and durable. It ensures a very good energy saving of 47% during its entire lifespan.

PhormiTex 77 is also a closed, flame-retardant screen with a high insulating effect. The woven fabric has 3 aluminium tapes alternating with 1 transparent tape, which has a shade degree of 77% and an energy saving of 63%.


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