PhormiTex 77 & PhormiTex Super - Huijben Plants

Good heat retention and diffuse light ensured by double screens


A beautiful Chamaedorea Elegans nursery of over 1.3 hectares is proudly owned by Joost Huijben and his parents in Dongen.

Their loyalty and belief in Phormium screens have been proven over the years and so it was no question what to chose when they needed to replace their screens in August 2020. Their double screen installation comprises a closed shading screen on the top and a diffuse energy screen at the bottom. 

PhormiTex 77 is a fire-retardant closed shading screen, and its 3 aluminium tapes alternating with one transparent tape guarantees 77% of shading degree and an outstanding energy saving of 63%. Furthermore, the aluminium tapes and the woven structure assure a high insulation.

PhormiTex Super on the other hand is a diffuse closed energy screen, also fire retardant which, due to the unique weaving technology, is very durable and strong, saving up 47% of energy. A diffuse screen brings more even horizontal light distribution into the greenhouse, which plays an essential role for photosynthesis enhancement and production improvement.

A few months after the installation of the new screens, Arjan van der Veer, Sales Manager at Phormium, went around in the nursery with Joost.

“Screens are installed above each other, moving in opposite direction, and the layers can be opened and closed to complement the functionality of both. This combination provides good light distribution and very good heat retention.”


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