PhormiTex Bright - PandA


‘Bright for summer and winter season’’


The brothers Paul and Aad run a 7.3 hectare glasshouse together, called “Kwekerij PandA”.  They grow 5.2 ha of eggplant and 2.1 ha of strelitzia in Honselersdijk (NL). In 2019, Steetec BV installed the new energy saving screen.

After more than 8 years, the old Phormilux screen was replaced by PhormiTex Bright from Phormium. "The Phormium screens prove themselves by their durability and high energy savings. The old screen was technically still good but became slowly but steadily polluted and a new screen simply provided more light in the greenhouse," according to Aad van der Knaap.

During winter, the main purpose of the energy screens is energy saving. In the summer, the screens are used to provide some shade in the greenhouse.



PhormiTex Bright is a transparent, closed energy screen, which can save up to 47% energy during its entire lifespan. Thanks to the weaving structure, Phormium screens are very durable and provide superior energy savings throughout their whole lifetime.


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