PhormiTex Bright - Sanfiero orchids

“The logical choice.”

In the modern greenhouse of Sanfiero orchids in De Lier (The Netherlands), we spoke to Lennart Stolze about his choice for Phormium screens. The greenhouse, consisting of two sections of 13.000 m2, is equipped with the clear energy saving screen PhormiTex Bright.


“We were looking for an energy screen which was strong and durable so it would last for years, and that’s how we ended up at Phormium. More than 13 years ago, PhormiTex Bright was installed in the first part of the greenhouse and we are still happy with it. Therefore, it was logical that last year, when we  renovated the other part of the greenhouse, we preferred working with the Belgian manufacturer Phormium again. We use the energy screen in combination with chalk on the rooftop. In spring and summer, we chalk and in autumn and winter we use the energy screen.” – said Lennart.

PhormiTex Bright is a closed, fire retardant energy screen which is very durable and strong due to the unique weaving technology. The screen provides superior energy savings during its entire lifespan.

Sanfiero orchids is a modern family business of 26.000 m2, focusing on cultivation of top-quality Cymbidiums. Lennart, the owner is the fourth generation in line, but his successor is already assured by the arrival of his son.


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