PhormiTex Crystal - Ignace Verhelst

“Crystal” clear


It’s been a year that Phormium has launched its newest energy screen called PhormiTex Crystal. Since last September, the production hasn’t stopped, and the new knitting machine fulfilled all its promises. In one year, a couple of hundreds of hectares of PhormiTex Crystal were sold and installed. The screen is been utilised in the greenhouse of vegetable growers in 12 different countries around the world.

Ignace Verhelst from Roeselare, Belgium, is one of the very first vegetable growers, who has been using Crystal in his greenhouse with cucumber and aubergine cultivation for almost a year now. Zsuzsanna Tanács (Application Manager) went to visit him to find out about his experience regarding the screen. He explained how he is closing the screen 1 hour before sunset, keeping it all night closed, and then opening again 1 hour after sunrise. The energy saving is remarkable, according his experience he wins at least 5°C just by closing the screen. During the summer he also uses the screen to reduce the impact of the direct sun.


Thanks to a unique knitting process combined with high-tech raw materials, PhormiTex Crystal has a light permeability of 90%, and therefore generally considered by the growers to be the most transparent energy screen on the market. The screen allows the daylight to be fully utilised by the crop, meanwhile it saves energy and optimises the climate in the greenhouse.

The combination of good heat retention with maximum light transmission stabilizes the temperature, therefore the risk of fungal diseases and dew are minimized.  PhormiTex Crystal, by being flame retardant (according to European and North American standards) makes a perfect choice for all greenhouse installations from a fire safety perspective too.


Phormium is the only fully integrated, 100% European producer of climate screens, who has a full range of woven and knitted solutions. This allows Phormium to offer the most optimal screen for every crop at any place in the world. PhormiTex Crystal is produced the most efficient way offering the growers the best value for their money.

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