PhormiTex Crystal - Kas.Ko Cucumbers

‘Optimising utilisation of daylight and energy saving’

The two young cucumber growers from Kas.Ko, Bart de Groot and Sven Zwinkels, refurbished their existing 2,5 hectares greenhouse in Kwintsheul (NL) last year. The renovation also included a new screen installation which was actualized and taken care of by Peter van der Valk from El Flaco BV. They opted for a double Phormium screen: PhormiTex Crystal combined with PhormiTex Clear.

The upper screen is PhormiTex Crystal which is very transparent with a high energy saving capacity and therefore can be kept closed for a longer period. The screen allows the daylight to be fully utilised by the crop, meanwhile it saves energy and optimises the climate in the greenhouse. The combination of excellent heat retention with maximum light transmission stabilizes the temperature, therefore the risk of fungal diseases and dew are minimized.

Thanks to a unique knitting process combined with high-tech raw materials, PhormiTex Crystal has a light permeability of 90%, energy saving of 47% and is generally considered by the growers to be the most transparent energy screen on the market.

PhormiTex Clear is used underneath to maintain the moisture, especially during the early stage of cultivation. PhormiTex Clear is a woven, clear energy screen with an energy-saving value of 47%. By enhancing air humidity, it makes a perfect screen to grow young plants.


Furthermore, both screens are fire retardant.

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