PhormiTex Crystal - Lettuce grower J. van den Berg

More light during winter

J. van den Berg Nursery in Ridderkerk (NL) has been growing various types of leafy vegetables since 1981. Various types of lettuce are grown in the soil on over 4 hectares.

This year Albert-Jan van den Berg had his screen renewed by Wim van Dorp from Westland Scherming in Maasdijk (NL). Phormium’s very bright energy saving screen PhormiTex Crystal was chosen.


Arjan van der Veer, sales manager at Phormium and Albert-Jan walk around the nursery. "This vegetable screen is very transparent and energy-saving so we can leave the fabric closed even longer and still bring in lots of light during winter," says Albert-Jan.

PhormiTex Crystal is an extra clear knitted and fire retardant energy saving screen. With a light transmission of 90% and an energy saving of 47% it is the brightest energy saving screen in the market.


Read the article in the online trade magazine Hortidaily - 22 October 2021:

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