PhormiTex Eclipse Dry - Active Humidity Control

Since 1988, Phormium is offering the darkest black-out screen on the market: the double screen PH 98 +1. The screen is known by growers of short-day plants for its darkening capacity, energy saving and for its superior quality. In 2014 Phormium launched the award winning PhormiTex Eclipse 1+98. PhormiTex Eclipse combined the great characteristics of the existing PH 98 +1 with high flame retardancy requirements.

3D woven screen

Aware of the constant challenge in greenhouses to manage humidity, Phormium’s Research Centre developed a screen with active humidity control. By using 3D Woven Technology, PhormiTex Eclipse Dry was developed. This technology allows to fully connect two layers of screen, eliminating the dead zones without humidity transport. In a panel of 3D fabric, there are millions of connection points of fibrous acrylic yarn between the top layer and the bottom layer of the screen. This creates active humidity control.

Ease of installation

A 3D  screen is easier to install than a double screen, since it is completely interconnected. Both layers cannot shift in relation to each other. Furthermore, the screen is 2% lighter than its double layer alternative. The screen is easy to combine with a second screen, thus creating a triple layer darkening effect.

Growing Cannabis

For Cannabis, it is key to ensure complete darkness during the short-day period in order to have a quick flowering process. Furthermore this avoids stressing a female plant into an intersex plant. Another key factor is humidity control and avoiding molds. PhormiTex Eclipse Dry offers the perfect answer by offering the darkest screen with active humidity control.


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