PhormiTex Lumina 60 – Feteris Plants

Up to 50% energy saving and technical benefit by using PhormiTex Lumina 60

In Hedel (The Netherlands), there is a large company growing potanthuriums, called Feteris Plants. The owner is Martin Feteris. His greenhouse of 2 ha. was built in 2009, according to the most contemporary views and technologies. In addition, the grower also studied ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ and applied its methods with the primary aim of creating an even greenhouse climate. Doing so, he invested amongst others in a closed water circulation system, technology that provides vertical air circulation and professional screens.

To save energy, a screen with a high insulation capacity, which at the same time lets through as much light as possible, needed to be installed. Therefore, when the screen installation took place in 2010, an energy screen of Phormium was chosen as a bottom screen. As a result, only 11% of the incoming light is shaded away.

The upper screen was replaced in 2018 by another screen of Phormium: PhormiTex Lumina 60. This screen contains a special acrylic yarn, which makes it ideal for humidity permeability and drainage. On top of that, PhormiTex Lumina 60 makes the incoming light diffuse so no direct sunlight is hitting the plants. As a result, the anthuriums have much less bud overtopping.


In addition to a significant saving of the energy consumption of up to 50%, using the new screen also provides a technical advantage in terms of cultivation. When dehumidifying, the screen can be kept closed in a completely even way so that ‘Het Nieuwe Telen’ can be put into practice.

Thanks to their unique woven structure, both screens are very durable and strong.

Read the article in the trade magazine Onder Glas – 07 mei 2019 (Dutch):



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