Jérôme Lebecque appointed as CEO of IFG Cresco/Phormium

Since the beginning of May, Jérôme Lebecque has taken up the position of CEO of IFG Cresco, part of the Swedish PLC Duroc Group. IFG Cresco, mainly known in the market with the Phormium brand, is a leading global player in the field of screens for greenhouses, heavy duty fabrics for the mushroom industry and biobased textiles for landscaping and viticulture.

Jérôme has an international track record with a focus on strategic management in the fields of business development, sales & marketing and operational excellence.
For the Bekaert Group, he was, among other executive positions, leading successively the Turkish and the South East Asia/Oceania operations for a number of years.

Jérôme: “Initially I want to support and accelerate Phormium's international growth with a focus on the Americas and Asia. In addition, we also continue to work in depth on product development to be able to serve the rapidly evolving industrial, high-tech horticulture with adapted solutions”.