PH66 - PhormiTex Bright - Vivai del Ponte

“I was looking for a solution which would help me create a very specific climate in my greenhouses"

About 2 weeks ago, Marta Gentile (Sales Manager Phormium) and Carla Sentel (Phormium agent for Italy) visited their customer Vivai del Ponte.

Vivai del Ponte is an Italian agricultural company founded in 1991, located in Cepagatti (CH), which today counts on 5 sites and more than 100 employees for a total surface of 39ha of which 9ha consist of middle-tech greenhouses.

The company is specialized in the propagation and reproduction of fat plants, cactus and succulents.

“The first time I heard about Phormium was in 1999”, says the owner and CEO Silvano Di Primio, “I was looking for a solution which would help me to create a very specific climate in my greenhouses: low relative humidity, more than 50% shading, maximum energy saving during winters and nights. I tried Phormium screens PH66O in combination with PHORMITEX BRIGHT and the result definitely exceeded my expectations!”


And it is not only the high performances in terms of ventilation and reflection capacity of the open aluminum screen and the superior energy saving of Phormitex Bright that made Silvano loyal to Phormium: “the woven structure, clearly much stronger than any other I had tested before, are a guarantee of the screen’s durability” he firmly states.

 In addition, Phormium is also the only screen supplier to give an 8-year warranty on the screens, in contrast to other suppliers, which only offer 5 years. 

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