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Bedding plants growers more often opt for grey groundcover

In an increasingly professional market for bedding plants growers, the control of temperature and water is very important. After proper drainage in the cultivation pot, the cultivation floor must also drain properly and remain cool for a more stable climate. A few years ago, Phormium developed PhormiCool for this purpose.


Trend towards grey

"Clearly, more and more thought is being given to the surface in the cultivation of bedding plants. A well-draining cultivation floor works best in practice for a uniform cultivation," says Arjan van der Veer, sales manager at Phormium.  For years, cultivation floors were made with classic black groundcovers, but nowadays, because of the pot temperature, a grey groundcover is more suitable.


Pot- en Perkplantenkwekerij V&S

Ronald Scholtes of Pot and Bedding Plant Nursery V&S had an ebb & flow cultivation floor of 3.7 ha at the garden in Kwintsheul with PhormiCool which was constructed by Houdijk-den Boer two years ago. "The good drainage of the grey Phormium groundcover and the floor underneath were important. The root of the plant should not stay wet for too long."



Houdijk-den Boer

Owner Nico Houdijk of contracting company Houdijk-den Boer from Bergambacht looks back on this project with satisfaction. "The floor is constructed with the solid, compact rock basalt, which absorbs moisture even better.  When used together with PhormiCool, this is an ideal combination for bedding plant growers". Houdijk recognizes the trend and is increasingly constructing cultivation floors with grey groundcovers at growers.



PhormiCool is the grey groundcover from Belgian screen-and groundcover producer Phormium. The extra strong version of 200 grams was specially made for intensive work traffic, has a high water penetration and grey yarn enriched with infrared reflectors for the cooling effect.


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