PhormiTex Crystal - Kwekerij de Kreek Komkommers

‘Lots of light inside and the screen can stay closed longer'.’

We spoke with Wim de Kreek who, together with his father and mother, runs the family business de Kreek komkommers. In their greenhouse in 's-Gravendeel, they grow cucumbers on over 1.6 ha.

Last year in February, they were looking at options for the installation of a new screen for their crop. Sales manager Arjan van der Veer went on site to talk to Wim and his father Kees. There was already a screen installation in place. In addition, they were looking for a very bright energy saving screen to bring in as much light as possible and to properly control the climate.  The choice fell on Phormium’s PhormiTex Crystal.

The fabric was installed end of 2021. Now, a bit more than a year later, we asked about their experience with the screen. Wim indicates that PhormiTex Crystal, which functions as a single screen, creates a good climate. There are growers who also use PhormiTex Clear, an energy saving screen without moisture-transporting yarns, to obtain a higher humidity level for the initial phase of cultivation. Due to the installation, this was not possible here, but the light gain is definitely an added value.

"We can now leave the fabric closed for quite a long time because a lot of light comes through, this retains moisture and heat. With these energy prices it's definitely interesting."

The energy-saving screen can indeed be closed earlier and opened later. One can also use Phormitex Crystal longer because it is so clear. Using it longer means less moisture and no unnecessary heat loss.

PhormiTex Crystal is an extra clear, knitted and fire retardant energy screen. With a light transmission rate of 90% and energy savings of 47%, it is currently the brightest energy screen on the market.


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