PhormiTex Lumina 40 - BAC Orchids

"PhormiTex Lumina 40: a very luminescent and strong screen"

In Moerkapelle, brothers Dico and Gert-Jan Bac grow orchids. At the company, which they took over from their father at the time, they grow cut-cymbidiums in many colors and sizes. The nursery, divided into 3 gardens, is now over 5.6 hectares. 

Arjan van der Veer, Sales Manager at Phormium, takes a look in the greenhouse together with screen installer Bart Suijker of STAS BV, located in Delfgauw. The new screen has already been installed in the first department and for the other departments, PhormiTex Lumina 40 is also ready to be installed. 

The choice for PhormiTex Lumina 40 has to do with its excellent quality and good light, thanks to the white, diffuse yarns. PhormiTex Lumina 40 is used here in combination with chalk. From March to August, a thick layer of chalk is applied to the greenhouse deck. The chalk combined with this screen creates perfect climate conditions in the greenhouse.

"Phormium screens have been used here for years, and they are very good. The previous screens have been hanging here for at least 20 years. The screens feel much firmer than the alternatives and they are stronger, so it is a logical choice to go for Phormium again," says Dico Bac.

PhormiTex Lumina 40 is a diffuse fire-retardant closed shading screen. The woven fabric consists of white and transparent strips. The fabric with alternating 1 white band and 2 clear yarns has a shading degree of 40% and an energy saving of 47%. Phormium also provides an 8-year warranty on the screen cloth, unlike other providers who only provide a 5-year warranty.


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