PhormiTex Super & Lumina - Van Daalen Cymbidium

PhormiTex Super & Lumina do what they promise!

At the bottom of the dam in 's-Gravenzande, on approx. 2 hectares, Arie and Dirk van Daalen have been growing Cymbidiums for years. Their Cymbidiums, in many colors and sizes, are known under the brand CyMoreFlavour.

In 2021/22, both the top and bottom screen in the greenhouse were renewed. Together with installation company Doek & Draad, also from 's-Gravenzande, the job was executed.

After an intensive process with Sales Manager Arjan van der Veer, installation company Doek & Draad and grower Dirk, it was decided to go for PhormiTex Super in combination with PhormiTex Lumina 50 Open: the ideal combination to create an optimal climate for this crop.

One year after the installation, Arjan, together with Phormium's Sales & Marketing Director, Peter Ollevier, and intern Leon were at the appointment again. Together with the growers, they walked around the garden. They found that the growers were still very satisfied with the Phormium screens.

"We have had Phormium climate screens for many years, and we like them. The screens are good and very durable; they do what they are supposed to do. Hence our choice of Phormium".

Peter Ollevier and intern Leon

PhormiTex Lumina 50 Open is a diffuse, fire-retardant open shading screen. The woven fabric consists of white tapes in two directions, which makes it extra strong and gives good cooling. The open structure of a woven screen provides the high ventilation capacity.

PhormiTex Super is a diffuse, closed and fire-retardant energy saving screen. Due to the unique weaving technology, the screens are durable and strong and provide very good energy savings of 47% over their total lifetime. The diffuse tapes ensure optimal light diffusion.


  In addition, Phormium also provides an 8-year warranty on the screen cloths, unlike other providers with only 5 years.

Interested in these screens or in the complete range of Phormium high-quality screens & ground covers?

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