PhormiTex Lumina 50 O - De Jong Tuinplanten

PhormiTex Lumina 50 O:  "Perfect screen for hot weather"

Last year Phormium supplied about half a hectare of open shading screen for the cabrio greenhouse of De Jong Tuinplanten from Made. The de Jong family - Piet, Kees, Michael and Piet Jr. - has been growing more than 50 different types of groundcover plants at this location for years.

In 2020, Aad Alsemgeest of Alweco Scherm installations, together with Phormium, searched for the ideal shading screen for the cabrio greenhouse in combination with the cultivation. A strong screen with good cooling and airflow was required for the semi-open part of the nursery. Together with sales manager Arjan van der Veer, PhormiTex Lumina 50 O was chosen, which was installed at the beginning of 2021.

Recently we walked around the garden and spoke with Kees and Piet Jr. about the screen in the cabrio greenhouse. “We got a much better climate; with the hot weather of last summer, that is a real gain. The high degree of ventilation is very noticeable; every breeze is tangible,” says Kees. Piet Jr. adds: “The screen can now remain completely closed and we don’t have to apply chalk. This eliminates the radiation from open windows, to which no chalk has been applied.”

Piet de Jong, Jr.

Piet de Jong, Jr.

PhormiTex Lumina 50 O is a diffuse fire retardant, open shading screen. The woven screen consists of white straps in two directions, which makes it extra strong and provides good cooling. The open structure of a woven fabric ensures the high ventilation capacity.


 In addition, Phormium is also the only screen supplier to give an 8-year warranty on the screens, in contrast to other suppliers, which only offer 5 years. 

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