Closed shading screens

One screen, two purposes

Phormium offers both diffuse and aluminum closed shading screens.

Closed diffuse screens like Phormium’s Clima+ or PhormiTex Lumina shade the sunlight away in order to avoid burning of the top of the plants and make the light diffuse to a certain extent. This way, light is spread evenly over the crop resulting in higher and more constant crop yields over the complete area.  This will create an agreeable climate on hot summer days. 

The aluminum PH and PhormiTex screens have outstanding energy saving capacities. In wintertime temperatures will drop, so energy saving is important. The aluminum tapes and the woven structure assure high insulation and will allow higher energy saving than diffuse screens.

Night screenThe aluminum screens are the perfect night screens. Energy saving is maximized during the night and the screen is opened soon after sunrise. 


All closed screens contain a special acrylic yarn that will attract condensation droplets on the downside of the screen and transport the moisture to the upper side of the screen where it will evaporate. Excess moisture is easily transported which has a positive influence on the crop. Thanks the network of acrylic yarn in the screen, humidity will be able to escape through the screen.


Recommended gable screens

Phormium recommends combining these screens with the reinforced gable screen PHL 55