Technical ground covers

PhormiSol 100 is a black ground cover with orange lines or squares (100 R) with excellent weed resistance. Its rigidness makes the fabric suitable for use on greenhouse soil and for less intensive outdoor use. The thermal fixation of the yarn ensures minimal shrinkage, whilst the unique structure guarantees optimal water permeability and minimises the risk of ponding.

Weeds stand no chance with PhormiSol 137, a black ground cover with green lines or squares (137 R) which allows an efficient arrangement of plants. The unique woven structure adds extra strength, making it ideally suitable for intensive indoor or outdoor use. The thermal fixation of the yarn ensures minimal shrinkage.

The well-draining PhormiSol 137 K is woven using a unique open structure. This guarantees improved water permeability and excellent drainage properties. The fabric fits perfectly on well-draining substrates and is therefore highly suitable for use on lava beds and other highly draining subsoils. The thermal fixation of the yarn limits shrinkage to a minimum.

This also applies to PhormiSol 200 GK, but this fabric is extra strong and therefore able to cope with heavy work traffic.

PhormiCool 200 GK is a grey ground cover enriched with yarns  containing infrared (IR) reflectors. It does not absorb the energy of the radiation, therefore preventing the ground cover from getting too hot. As a result, even on the hottest summer days, it remains significantly cooler than the traditional black ground covers. Thanks to the combination of the enhanced weaving structure and the high mechanical resistance, the ground cover has an excellent water permeability, making it perfectly suitable for use on lavafloors for interior and exterior cultivation.

PhormiPlant is a ground cover that comes with pre-punched plant holes. This allows the pots to remain in contact with the soil. This fabric is always made to measure, so different patterns and diameters are possible. Its strength makes PhormiPlant extremely wear resistant.