Bio-based weed-control fabrics

The only 100% Bio-based - Duracover

Ground covers (also known as woven weed-control fabrics) have been commonly used for years by landscapers and gardeners. By minimizing light transmission, the ground cover prevents the germination and growth of weeds. However, ground covers allow water to pass so that rain can effortlessly penetrate the soil.

Since 2011, Phormium offers an alternative to the use of polypropylene through the development of a new 100% biodegradable woven fabric made from PLA obtained from corn starch: Duracover.

This fabric has the same technical qualities as our PP fabrics; it is permeable to air and water, shrinkage is limited (2% maximum at 70°C for 2 hours) and it is easy to apply and cut (pre-drilled). Moreover, it is resistant to traction and UV (3 year warranty).

Finally, it is fireproof if it comes into contact with a lit cigarette and has been awarded the Vinçotte "OK Compost" and, in particular, the "Ok Biobased 4 stars” certificates.