Darkening screens

Unequalled black-out performance

PhormiTex Eclipse is a range of flame retardant, sustainable darkening screens.The unique woven technology allows for a maximum darkening effect, which is higher than in knitted screens. Different combinations offer the perfect solution for growers of short-day plants.

PhormiTex Eclipse 1 is a completely black woven screen with high darkening capacities. PhormiTex Eclipse 98 is a woven aluminum fabric with high light and heath reflection.

Recently PhormiTex Eclipse Dry was launched: a 3D woven fabric with active humidity transport. Eclipse Dry offers the same darkening capacities in one fabric as in a standard double fabric.

All these screens can easily be combined with the white PhormiTex Eclipse White, if a white underlayer for ligh reflection is desired.  

Following combinations are possible: 

  • PhormiTex Eclipse 1+1: Best value for money on the market.
  • PhormiTex Eclipse 1+1+White: Best value for money with light reflection
  • PhormiTex Eclipse 98+1: The world’s most preferred black-out system
  • PhormiTex Eclipse 98+98: Complete black-out + maximum energy saving + reflection of assimilation light
  • PhormiTex Eclipse Dry +1: The world’s darkest screen.
  • PhormiTex Eclipse Dry + White: High darkening capacity + active humidity transport + light reflection

Recommended gable screen

Phormium recommends combining these screens with a reinforced gable screen such as PHL White or Gev-Al White. Both can be used for the outer walls and/or for comparting.