Open shading screens

Maximal cooling - Superior strength

Within its open screen range, Phormium offers 2 product types: the diffuse screens ( Clima+ or PhormiTex Lumina O) or the aluminum PH O screens. Our woven open screens are up till 38% more open than knitted alternatives with the same shading degree.

The diffuse screens Clima+ or PhormiTex Lumina O shade the light away (and avoids burning the top of the plants) and make it diffuse to a certain extent. This way, light is spread evenly over the crop resulting in higher and more constant crop yield over the complete area.

PH O shades the sunlight away and will have a maximum cooling effect due to its highly reflective aluminum tapes on hot summer days. In wintertime, the screen could be used at night to reduce the radiation heat losses which would cause condensation on the plants.


Recommended gable screen

Phormium recommends to combine these screens with the reinforced gable screen PHL 55.